What Are the Characteristics of Unidirectional Synthetic Mica Tape?

What is mica tape?

Mica tape is a type of refractory insulation material that can be classified into motor mica tape and cable mica tape according to its application. According to its structure, it can be divided into double-sided adhesive tape, single-sided adhesive tape, three-in-one adhesive tape, double-film adhesive tape, and single-film adhesive tape.

According to the type of mica used, it can be divided into synthetic mica tape, gold mica tape, and white mica tape. Refractory cable mica tape is a high-performance mica insulation product with excellent high-temperature and flame retardant properties.

Single-sided synthetic mica tape:

It is an ideal material for manufacturing refractory wires and cables with synthetic mica paper as the substrate and glass fiber cloth as the single-sided reinforcement material, and it has good refractory properties.

Synthetic mica is a type of artificial mica with a large size and complete crystal structure, which is synthesized by replacing hydroxyl groups with fluoride ions under normal pressure. Synthetic mica tape is mainly made of synthetic mica paper copied from synthetic mica, and then glass cloth is glued on one or both sides with adhesive.

Gluing glass cloth on one side of the mica paper is called “single-sided adhesive tape”, and gluing on both sides is called “double-sided adhesive tape”. In the manufacturing process, several structural layers are bonded together, then dried in the furnace, and then rolled up and cut into tapes of different specifications.

In addition to the characteristics of natural mica tape, single-sided synthetic mica tape also has the following features:

  • In addition to small expansion coefficient, high dielectric strength, high resistance, and uniform dielectric constant, its main characteristic is that it has high heat resistance and good refractoriness.
  • At room temperature, the performance of synthetic mica tape, mica tape, and gold mica tape is in descending order.
  • At high temperature, the insulation performance of synthetic mica tape, gold mica tape, and mica tape is in descending order.
  • High-temperature resistance: Synthetic mica tape is fluorine gold mica tape, which does not contain crystal water, has a melting point of 1375 degrees, and has a large safety margin. Gold mica releases crystal water above 800 degrees, and white mica is next at 600 degrees, with poor high-temperature resistance.

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