What Are the Advantages and Applications of High-Thermal Conductivity Mica Tape?

High thermal conductivity mica tape and other high thermal insulation materials are important directions for future development. Especially for large high-voltage motors and generators, there is an urgent need in this area.

Advantages of high thermal conductivity mica tape:

Thin insulation thickness reduces temperature rise and improves the comprehensive economic and technical indicators of motors. Compared to ordinary mica tape, the thermal conductivity of high thermal conductivity mica tape is doubled, and the temperature rise can be increased by about 10℃. The corresponding motor capacity can be increased by 10% to 15%. It is an ideal material for high-efficiency motors.

Single-sided glass cloth reinforced silicone tape with organic silicone solvent-free impregnating paint has good heat resistance and can reach 200-220 degrees. It is mainly used for high-power traction motors, nuclear power and other special motors.

Porous breathable mica tape is a reinforced tape mixed with glass cloth and non-woven fabric. It can use polyester imide adhesive or epoxy adhesive, has good air permeability, and can adapt to high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage motor insulation. As the insulation thickness of high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage motors reaches more than 3.0mm, the air permeability of mica tape has been put forward higher requirements to improve the VPI impregnation effect.

Application of high thermal conductivity mica tape

High-mica composite tape is a glass cloth reinforced composite tape, suitable for molding or hydraulic molding process. Its outstanding feature is its high mica content, with a mica content of nearly 60% (ordinary composite tape mica content is about 40%). The high mica content makes the mica tape and its formed insulation layer have higher electrical performance; it is mostly used in high-voltage motors and large hydroelectric power.

Single-sided polyester film reinforced adhesive tape with adhesive as polyester imide system has high dielectric strength and excellent process performance. It can be matched with unsaturated polyester imide impregnating paint and epoxy impregnating paint to obtain excellent insulation performance through VPI process, which is conducive to reducing insulation thickness.

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