Application of Mica Sheet in Rubber and Plastic

Mica sheet has the advantages of high strength, high modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, excellent dielectric properties, good chemical resistance, low solubility in water, small friction coefficient and low hardness. An important parameter of a sheet-like reinforcement is its diameter-to-thickness ratio, which relates to the efficiency of stress transfer […]

Types and Requirements of Mica Products!

Ⅰ. What are mica products? Mica products are products composed of sheet mica or powder mica paper and various adhesives and reinforcing materials. They are used as the main insulation of high-voltage motor coils and insulation materials for motors and electrical appliances. Mica has high electrical properties, corona resistance, heat resistance, and mechanical properties, so […]

The Performance and Use of Mica Tape and Analysis of Common Problems

Mica tape, also known as refractory mica tape, is a refractory insulating material. Ⅰ. Classification of mica tapes 1. According to the purpose,  mica products can be divided into mica tape for motor and mica tape for cable. 2. According to the structure, it is divided into the double-sided tape, single-sided tape, three-in-one tape, double-film […]

The Key Characteristics of Mica Tape and the Preparation Work Before Manufacturing

Ⅰ. What are the key characteristics of mica tape? The low binder content of mica tapes is one of the first principles of mica tapes. In addition, the permeability of the mica tape and the compatibility with the impregnating resin are also important principles of selection. Mica tapes have a low binder content. After the […]

What Are Mica Sheets? What Types Are There?


Natural mica is a kind of non-metallic mineral, which contains a variety of components, mainly SiO2 content is generally about 49%, Al2O3 content is about 30%. Natural mica has good elasticity and toughness. Insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and other characteristics, it is an excellent additive. It is […]

The Difference Between High Temperature Resistant Mica Sheet and Mica Gasket

1. What is high temperature mica sheet? High-temperature mica sheet is an electrical insulating material composed of polysilicon muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, and its color is semi-metallic and metallic. High temperature and high pressure is a relative concept. In daily life, a temperature above 100 degrees is considered high temperature, and a pressure higher […]

Knowledge of Mica

Ⅰ. What is mica? Mica is the collective name of the mica group of minerals, which are a kind of aluminosilicate minerals with a unique layer-like structure formed under the long-term geological action, monoclinic system. Mica crystals have a layered structure inside, so they are flaky crystals, mainly hexagonal lamellar crystals. The lamellar cleavage is […]

What is Mica?

High-wattage solar modules increase risk of thermal runaway

Mica is one of the materials used in electrical engineering and can be found in many electric motors, generators and transformers. Especially in areas of heavy use: high pressure and high temperature. Ⅰ. What is mica? Mica is named for its shimmering appearance. Different types of mica can be easily distinguished by colour. Muscovite has […]