The Difference Between High Temperature Resistant Mica Sheet and Mica Gasket

1. What Is High Temperature Mica Sheet?

High-temperature mica sheet is an electrical insulating material composed of polysilicon muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, and its color is semi-metallic and metallic.

High temperature and high pressure is a relative concept. In daily life, a temperature above 100 degrees is considered high temperature, and a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure is high pressure. For example, the relative (atmospheric) pressure of a pressure cooker is only 0.8 MPa, and the temperature is only 117 °C. The industrial standard for high-pressure boilers is a pressure of 98MPa and a temperature of 510°C.

2. Why Heat Resistant Mica Sheet?

The so-called high temperature and high pressure resistance of materials mean that mica products used can still maintain the required mechanical strength at the corresponding temperature. In fact, even under the same temperature and pressure, the material is subjected to different stress methods, and the material requirements for the material are also different. For example: for a vacuum container with a relative pressure of -0.1MPa, the mechanical strength of the material is approximately equivalent to that of a container with a relative pressure of 1MPa.



The mechanical strength of any material changes at different temperatures. Therefore, when selecting high-temperature and high-pressure materials, first determine the required mechanical strength, then select materials that can maintain strong strength at working temperature, and then design the corresponding mechanical structure according to the strength and working pressure of the material at working temperature (such as container wall thickness), and the things made in this way can be used according to regulations under high temperature and high pressure.

3. High-temperature Heat Resistant Mica Sheet and Mica Gasket

In fact, the high-temperature-resistant mica sheet is a mature product after processing, while the mica gasket retains the characteristics of mica and has many different characteristics.

4. Mica Sheet Temperature Range

Mica board is a plate-shaped material made of natural mica slag, mica paper impregnated with resin and hot-pressed. It has nothing to do with the thickness. The general temperature resistance of mica is 500-1000 °C, and the high temperature resistant mica sheet can reach above 1400 °C. The effect of high temperature resistance is better.

Natural mica gasket is a kind of high temperature resistant insulating material, which can be used for a long time at 800 ℃. It has good mechanical properties, heat resistance and insulating electrical properties, high volume resistivity and good dielectric loss. It is an indispensable product with good practical performance and good price advantage among similar products.



5. DataMica – Mica Manufacturing Company

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