What Are Mica Sheets? What Types Are There?

Natural mica is a kind of non-metallic mineral, which contains a variety of components, mainly SiO2 content is generally about 49%, Al2O3 content is about 30%. Natural mica has good elasticity and toughness. Insulation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong adhesion and other characteristics, it is an excellent additive. It is widely used in electrical appliances, welding electrodes, rubber, plastics, papermaking, paints, coatings, pigments, ceramics, cosmetics, new building materials and other industries, and has a wide range of uses. With the continuous development of science and technology, people have opened up new application fields.

The characteristics and main chemical components of natural mica: Muscovite crystals are hexagonal plates and columns, the joint surface is flat, and the aggregates are flakes or scales, so it is called fragmented natural mica.

Muscovite is white, transparent and translucent, and has a pure texture without spots.

Natural mica classification: mica, muscovite, colored mica, Lingshou vermiculite, mica flakes, phlogopite, biotite and other mica names.

1. What is mica sheet?

Mica sheets are composed of polysilicon muscovite, quartz, garnet and rutile, etc. Albite, zoisite and chlorite can appear, garnet is rich in Fe and Mg, and Si in polysilicon muscovite can reach 3.369. Also a high pressure combination. It has thermal resistance function of insulation and low loss.

Mica sheet is made of thick mica after peeling, thickness setting, cutting, drilling or punching. It has a certain thickness and a certain shape. , aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, heat-resistant skeleton film, etc. as raw and auxiliary materials.

Electric heater chips, electric heater protection sheets, gaskets, electronic tube sheets, and light bulb sheets, because their materials are natural mineral products, have the characteristics of no pollution, good insulation, and high voltage resistance. Natural mica sheets of various specifications can be punched according to customer needs.

2. Mica sheet types

Types of mica flakes: mica flakes – muscovite flakes – phlogopite flakes – biotite flakes – sericite flakes – lepidolite flakes – sodium mica flakes – vanadium mica flakes – mica fragments – large mica flakes.

According to the application, mica sheets can generally be divided into three types: mica flakes (thin flake mica), mica for capacitors and mica thick flakes for electron tubes, and the area of these three types of mica.

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