What Are the Types of Mica Tapes with Fire Resistance?

Mica tape for fire-resistant cables

Mica tape for fire-resistant cables is a high-performance mica insulation product with excellent high-temperature and flame-retardant properties. The mica tape has good flexibility under normal conditions and is suitable for the main fire-resistant insulation layer of various fire-resistant cables. When exposed to flame, it does not emit harmful smoke, making it not only effective but also safe for use in cables.

Synthetic mica tape

Synthetic mica is a man-made mica with complete crystal structure and larger size, which is synthesized by substituting hydroxyl groups with fluoride ions under normal pressure. Synthetic mica tape is made of synthetic mica as the main material, and then glass cloth is bonded on one side or both sides with adhesive. Synthetic mica tape has the characteristics of natural mica tape, namely small expansion coefficient, high dielectric strength, high resistivity, and uniform dielectric constant. Its main feature is high heat resistance, up to class A fire-resistant grade (950-1000℃).

Synthetic mica tape has a temperature resistance greater than 1000℃, with a thickness range of 0.08 ~ 0.15mm ~ 0.15mm and a maximum width of 920 mm.

Double-sided synthetic mica tape is made of synthetic mica paper as the base material and glass fiber cloth as the double-sided reinforcement material, which is bonded with silicone glue. It is the ideal material for manufacturing fire-resistant wires and cables.

Single-sided synthetic mica tape is made of synthetic mica paper as the base material and glass fiber cloth as the single-sided reinforcement material. It is the ideal material for manufacturing fire-resistant wires and cables with good fire resistance, which are used in key projects.

Golden mica tape

The golden mica series of mica tapes have good fire resistance, acid and alkali resistance, corona resistance, radiation resistance, good flexibility, and tensile strength, and are suitable for high-speed winding. The fire resistance test of the golden mica tape shows that the wire and cable wrapped with the golden mica tape will not breakdown under 840-1000V voltage for 90 minutes.

The golden mica tape is widely used in high-rise buildings, underground railways, large power plants, and important industrial and mining enterprises related to fire safety and firefighting and rescue, such as emergency power supply lines and control lines for firefighting equipment and emergency guidance lights. Due to its low price, it is the preferred material for fire-resistant cables.

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