The Correct Way to Open Mica Products

What Are the Types of Mica Products?

The mica products include natural mica fragments, natural mica powder, synthetic mica fragments, synthetic mica powder, mica sheets, mica paper, mica tapes, mica plates, mica capacitors, etc. Mica is a widely distributed rock-forming mineral, which is a general term for layer-structured aluminium silicates such as potassium, aluminium, magnesium, iron, lithium, etc. Mica generally exhibits polymorphism, among which monoclinic crystallographic system is common, followed by trigonal crystallographic system, and the rest is rare.

The commonly found mineral species in mica family minerals are biotite, muscovite, phlogopite, lepidolite, etc. Mica usually presents pseudohexagonal or rhombic plate-like, flake-like, columnar crystal forms. Its color varies with changes in chemical composition mainly increasing with the iron content. Muscovite is colorless, transparent or light-colored, while biotite is black to dark brown, dark green, etc. Phlogopite is mainly yellow, brown, green or colorless; lepidolite is light purple, rose red to gray. It has a glassy luster, and the cleavage plane shows a pearl luster.

Processing of Mica Products

The processed mica products have advanced computer numerical control lathes, punches, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, engraving machines, etc., as well as mold equipment and senior technicians. Using mica as the base material, various processing methods such as rolling, punching, turning, drilling, grinding, milling, and model pressing are adopted.

The mica sheet can be processed into various sizes of mica cushions, mica round cushions, mica flanges, mica tiles, mica boxes, mica fixtures, mica cushion sets, various sizes of mica plates, mica plate grooving, drilling, angle, groove, and I-shaped and other specifications of mica-shaped parts according to customer requirements. They have a high temperature resistance of 800-1000℃ and have good mechanical strength and electrical performance when in strip form.

Mica products are suitable for high-temperature insulation in various industrial electric furnaces, power frequency furnaces, refining furnaces, medium frequency furnaces, calcium carbide furnaces, ferroalloy, yellow phosphorus furnaces, arc furnaces, power plants, electrolytic aluminum power frequency furnaces, medium frequency furnaces, arc furnaces, and for insulation of various electrical appliances, welding machines, lightning arresters, and heating elements. The quality is guaranteed, and the price is reasonable.

DataMica is headquartered in Shanghai, and is an innovative medium-sized company in the process of internationalization. The company develops and produces insulation and soundproofing components based on solutions for the automotive and electric vehicle industries. Customized solutions are the core of the DataMica product portfolio. Welcome to inquire.


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