About Mica Sheets: Things that You Must Know!

Composition of Mica Sheets

Mica sheets are composed of muscovite, quartz, almandine and pyrope, and may also contain albite, biotite, and chlorite. The Si content of muscovite can reach 3.369, making it a high-pressure composition.

These sheets have good insulation and low loss thermal resistance, and are also excellent black bodies. As a natural mineral product, they are free of pollutants and have good insulation and voltage resistance properties.

This product is made by splitting, thickness regulation, cutting, drilling, or punching natural mica sheets, resulting in mica components in a certain thickness and shape. This product is suitable for use as raw and auxiliary materials in television sets, power capacitors, thermal relays, monitoring displays, aerospace, aviation, communications, radar, and heat-resistant frame components.

Functions of Mica Sheets

Mica sheets are used to prevent water or oil substances from splashing onto the magnetron during the heating process of food, thus playing a protective role. Without this product, if the connecting part of the waveguide is damp or carbonized, it can cause the magnetron to burn over time, leading to damage.

This product can be penetrated by microwaves and has high insulation, so it will not undergo electromagnetic reactions or undergo changes due to microwaves.

In daily use, attention should be paid to regularly cleaning the product to keep it clean, dry, and free from oil stains. If there is any burning on the surface, the mica sheet should be replaced immediately to ensure that the magnetron is not damaged.

Mica sheets can not only be used in microwave ovens, but also in the medical industry. This product can be used for decoction and internal use, or for making pills and granules. When taking medication, follow the doctor’s advice and do not increase or decrease the dosage without authorization. The daily normal dosage for decoction is 9-12 grams. The dosage for medicine should also be used as directed by a doctor.

When this product is used externally, an appropriate amount of mica stone can be ground, sprinkled or applied to the affected area after being mixed, and can treat boils, ulcers, and bleeding. This product is a type of silicate mineral mica, and its main active ingredient is water-aluminum silicate-aluminum-potassium. Mica is sweet in taste, mild in nature, and can be used to regulate the lungs, liver, and spleen, and to stop bleeding and promote healing.

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