Application Conditions for Different Mica Tapes

The mica tape product is an insulating material made by reinforcing mica paper, alkaline-free glass cloth or film with different adhesives, followed by baking, winding, and cutting into strips. It is suitable for the main insulation of large and medium-sized motors and electrical coils with different heat resistance levels. Depending on the actual working conditions of the mica tape, its performance may vary.

The mica tape for high voltage motors is suitable for vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) with high mica content and low adhesive content, and medium adhesive content mica tapes. It can be used as the main insulation of high voltage motors and has good electrical and mechanical properties. It can meet the requirements of the development of motors towards high voltage and large capacity.

The low viscosity mica tape is completely different from the mica multi-tape in terms of process system, namely, the vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) process. It is an advanced insulation process with high mica content, excellent electrical performance, long insulation life, good overall performance, good heat and aging resistance, thin insulation thickness, good thermal conductivity, and can effectively reduce the temperature rise of motors. It has the characteristics of simple process, short production cycle, etc.

The influence of the adhesive of the low adhesive mica tape on the insulation performance of the coil mainly includes two aspects: the content of the adhesive, which is generally the less the better; and the performance of the adhesive itself. Good mica tape manufacturers use adhesives that not only meet the bonding performance of the mica tape, but also have extremely low dielectric loss values at high temperatures, and can ensure good compatibility between the mica tape and impregnating resin.

The mica tape for wind power generation is made of mica paper as the base material, with double-sided or single-sided use of electrically alkaline-free glass cloth and polyester film, polyimide film or corona-resistant film as reinforced materials, and heat-resistant epoxy glue or other heat-resistant resin, suitable for large and medium-sized wind power generators.

The polyimide film powder mica tape is a strip-shaped insulating material made by bonding mica paper and polyimide film with heat-resistant epoxy glue, and then baked, wound, and cut. Under normal conditions, the mica tape has good flexibility, and after the impregnating varnish around the coil solidifies, it has excellent dielectric properties and high mechanical strength. It is suitable for the main insulation of traction motors with a working temperature of 180-200℃ and the insulation of various other electrical appliances.

The mica tape for hydropower is a strip-shaped insulating material made of powdered mica paper as the base material, reinforced with electrician alkaline-free glass cloth on both sides, and bonded with epoxy adhesive. It is flexible under normal conditions. After the motor coil is formed, it has good electrical and mechanical strength. It is suitable for the molding or hydraulic insulation of water turbine generators and high voltage motor coils, with a working temperature of 155℃.

The plastic-free mica tape has sufficient flexibility at room temperature, which is conducive to wrapping around the coil, and has good permeability, which is conducive to the insulation layer during the air and volatilization VPI impregnation process. The extraction of material and the penetration of resin can ensure the overall performance of the coil.


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