The Performance and Use of Mica Tape and Analysis of Common Problems

Mica tape, also known as refractory mica tape, is a refractory insulating material.

Ⅰ. Classification of mica tapes

1. According to the purpose,  mica products can be divided into mica tape for motor and mica tape for cable.

2. According to the structure, it is divided into the double-sided tape, single-sided tape, three-in-one tape, double-film tape, single-film tape, etc.

3. According to mica, it can be divided into synthetic mica tape, phlogopite tape, and muscovite tape.

Ⅱ. The performance of mica tape

1. Room temperature performance: synthetic mica tape is the best, the muscovite tape is second, and phlogopite tape is poor.

2. Insulation performance at high temperatures: synthetic mica tape is the best, phlogopite tape is second, and muscovite tape is poor.

3. High-temperature resistance: Synthetic mica tape fluor phlogopite tape, without crystal water, melting point 1375 ℃, large safety margin, best high-temperature resistance, phlogopite releases crystal water above 800 ℃, high-temperature resistance is the second, muscovite releases crystal water at 600 °C, and has poor high-temperature resistance.

The mika tape in the cable plays a huge role. Mica tape for fire-resistant safety cable is a high-performance mica insulation product with excellent high-temperature and combustion resistance. Powder mica tape has good flexibility in a normal state, and is suitable for the main fire-resistant insulating layer in various fire-resistant cables. There is basically no volatilization of harmful fumes when burning in an open flame, so this product is not only effective but also safe when used in cables.

Ⅲ. Common problems and solutions in the production process of mica tape

Various problems are often encountered in the production of mica tapes. Today, we will sort out some common problems and solutions for you:

1. If the pitch does not meet the regulations, the possible cause is that the traction is too fast or too slow, which can be solved by adjusting the traction line speed;

2. Excessive twisting, the reason is that the tension of pulling and slipping is insufficient, which can be solved by adjusting the tension of winding;

3. The broken belt is because the wrapping belt does not meet the requirements or the wrapping belt is too tight. The problem of the broken belt can be solved by changing the wrapping belt and adjusting the tension of the wrapping belt;

4. The belt is broken after the shaft is formed. The broken belt is caused by the mica on a single wire scraping against each other. The fractured belt after the shaft can be solved by adjusting the spool or taking protective measures;

5. Other problems caused by human factors.

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