Introduction to the Specifications of Mica Sheets

Mica sheets come in two mineral types: white mica and gold mica. As a leading manufacturer of mature mica sheets, we can provide both rigid and flexible options depending on your intended use. Standard sizes are 1000 x 1200mm or 1000 x 2400mm.

Typically, the plate-like shape of mica gives it excellent insulating, electrical, and chemical resistance properties. These qualities are especially useful when using different types of mica sheets as durable reinforcing agents.

Rigid Mica Sheets

Rigid mica sheets are produced in rectangular and sheet forms and have several important applications, from industrial furnace manufacturing to simple household appliances like hair dryers. The mica sheets sold provide excellent electrical insulation at high temperatures. For this reason, mica sheets are very effective as insulation material where heat and electricity meet. Efficient and effective isolation is crucial in ensuring applications run in the best, safest, and most cost-effective way.

Therefore, rigid mica sheets are best suited for furnace construction phase, rather than for lining purposes. The durability of mica sheets under high temperature cycling makes them ideal for heating items, such as toasters, drum dryers, and belt heaters.

Flexible Mica Sheets

In sheet form, flexible mica provides excellent sheathing or cover and can be used in some applications as insulation foil or isolator.

Like rigid mica sheets, we offer various standard sizes. The thickness of flexible mica sheets ranges from 0.10 to 2mm depending on the grade you require.

These rectangular mica sheets are 1020mm wide and available in various lengths.

Mica, as a widely used insulating material, is essential for the manufacture of many industries and fields, whether for foundries, furnaces, home or industrial appliances.

If you have a manufacturing project, whether it’s a foundry, furnace, or household or industrial appliance, mica may be the missing ingredient.

DataMica is a professional mica sheet factory/company and also offers shapes specifically cut and fabricated from rigid mica sheets.

DataMica is headquartered in Shanghai and is an innovative medium-sized company in the process of international development. The company develops and produces solution-oriented insulation and sound insulation components for the automotive and electric vehicle industries. Customized solutions are the core of DataMica’s product portfolio. Feel free to consult.


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