Introduction to Gold Mica Tape

DataMica’s gold mica tape is a high-temperature and fire-resistant product that undergoes 76 production control points, failure mode and effect analysis, and rigorous factory quality inspection. Therefore, we have created a series of DataMica products under the brand name HiResist.

As a mature mica tape manufacturer, we conduct research and test the electrical, thermal, mechanical, and other technical parameters of HiResistTM branded gold mica tape at our Shanghai R&D center. These mica insulating tapes are produced by Sichuan Ya’an Mica Co., Ltd. in China and are ultimately delivered to global customers who pursue product quality in the fields of refractory optical fibers, control cables, electric vehicle busbars, and high temperature insulation applications. We are proud that well-known cable companies such as Prysmian, Nexans, and LG use our products for fire protection.

Gold mica tape key raw material control

DataMica’s production control measures for HiResistTM gold mica tape began with the screening of mica mineral scraps. After more than 30 updates to the quality requirements and delivery inspection standards for African Madagascar ore waste, we formed quality standards for key raw materials, including sampling methods and standards.

Gold mica ore pulp quality control:

Gold mica mineral scraps are transported by sea and land for two months before being delivered to our Ya’an factory, where they undergo warehouse quality inspections.

Then our professionals in mica tape production start making gold mica paper pulp according to production plans. In this critical step, waste is cleaned with high-pressure water jets and sand that may affect dielectric strength is removed.

Using our specialized pulp-making machine, we crush mica into micrometer thickness and control the aspect ratio of micrometer mica shards to produce gold mica paper pulp with a perfect aspect ratio.

Production control of glass fiber-reinforced materials for gold mica tape

We have 30 years of experience in mica composite materials. Our experience began with the production of glass fiber-reinforced materials. As one of the high-quality mica tape suppliers, we have provided glass fiber-reinforced materials to Chinese mica manufacturers for over 30 years.

Due to our special understanding of reinforcement requirements, we have the best fiberglass fabric design in terms of yarn count. The density of warp and weft in one square centimeter is the main factor affecting the strength of fiberglass fabric.

Our fiberglass fabric uses a yarn count of 23×11 (warp × weft), whereas most manufacturers use yarn counts that are as low as 50% of the unit area to save costs.


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